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N690Co is also called Austrian Cobalt Steel and Cobalt Stainless Steel, thus the “Co” added to the N690 designation.

N690 has been well received by European military forces.

Citadel is a French company operating in Cambodia, established in 1997 by French ex-patriot Dominique Eluere.

Most Citadel knives are made in Cambodia using only Old World knifemaking methods, including a charcoal-fired forge.

It is uncommon to find police knives with 0.148-inch thick blades.

A tactical folder using a 0.160-inch-thick steel blade is rare.

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To make N690Co from 440-C, the foundry adds vanadium and cobalt.

It sharpens easily and is extremely corrosion resistant.

The N690Co stainless steel is a European-made upgrade to 440-C stainless steel.

FKMD is a supplier of fixed and folding knives to the armed forces of several NATO countries.

Fox knives are a known commodity among knife enthusiasts in the United States.

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