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Researching security issues, hedging currencies, working with different time zones and negotiating the delights of VAT are some of the mysteries that Gilligan and Delaney solve for you in this entertaining, engaging and highly interactive session.You stand in the lobby your eyes fixed at the door.They realised they needed a compelling story and an appropriate character around which to weave the tale: Enter Ovation Bear.Ovation Bear became the spokesperson for the new evolving brand, had his own social media channels and blog, his own annual awards programme called the Huggability Award and, eventually, went on to become the recipient of a prestigious Meetings Industry Marketing Award (MIMA) You pause at the door but then decide on another trip to the bathroom. You enter the ballroom together and stand there for an hour sipping drinks and smiling hopefully at anyone who makes eye contact.This dynamic session provides a step by step approach to destination selling and how to create added value for clients by collaborating with your competitors.

Download brochure (pdf) Delaney and Gilligan are lifelong friends who started to work together within the Meetings and Events industry in 1994.Forty grand of revenue is about to walk through that door and it's either here or The Allerton.You've planned a killer site inspection, leaving nothing to chance and in ninety minutes time you're certain you'll be sipping champagne with the client, the business secure.The digital revolution came as a consequence of the internet and changed the face of the business world to the extent that the acronyms BC and AD might be interpreted as "before computers" and "after digital".Download brochure (pdf) And nowhere in business has the digital revolution been more tsunami-like than marketing where global communication is instanteous and big data facilitates laser-like measurement.

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