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Atheists (whose oaths could not be trusted) and Catholics (who owed allegiance to an external ruler) were thus excluded from his scheme.Even within its limitations, Locke’s toleration did not argue that all (Protestant) beliefs were equally good or true, but simply that governments were not in a position to decide which one was correct.

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Rejecting the divine right of kings, Locke said that societies form governments by mutual (and, in later generations, tacit) agreement.In his “Essay Concerning Human Understanding,” he advanced a theory of the self as a blank page, with knowledge and identity arising only from accumulated experience.His political theory of government by the consent of the governed as a means to protect “life, liberty and estate” deeply influenced the United States’ founding documents.His essays on religious tolerance provided an early model for the separation of church and state. His father was a lawyer and small landowner who had fought on the Parliamentarian side during the English Civil War of the 1640s.Using his wartime connections, he placed his son in the elite Westminster School.

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