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This is because copper has been recovered from sites which span the whole of the Neolithic, as well as later ages.

The other metals are rarely or never found in sites dating before the advent of the Copper Age and, in the case of gold and silver, only late in the Copper Age.

Insects, worms and other small animals that carry out vital functions for life on earth have declined by 45 per cent on average over 35 years, threatening human health, water quality and food supplies, a study has found.

The rapid decline in the number of invertebrates – animals without backbones – is at least as bad as the well publicised plight of the larger animals, according to scientists who said they were shocked by the findings.

Although there has has been far less research on invertebrates than on vertebrates, what little has been done suggests that they are undergoing a catastrophic fall in abundance which is having a severe impact on “ecosystem services” such a pollination of crops, water treatment and waste recycling, the scientists said.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has assessed less than one per cent of the 1.4m named species of invertebrates, yet of those studied about 40 per cent are considered threatened.

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Those under pressure include bees, moths and buttterflies.

(All quoted dates below are calibrated.) Copper comes in several natural forms from ‘veins’ in the ore bodies of the Earth.

These occur across much of Europe and the Middle East (though notably not along the North African Maghreb).

Freshwater snails are the worst off, along with river mussels, freshwater crayfish, damselflies and dragonflies, which spend their early life underwater.

Marine invertebrates These make up over 95 per cent of all marine animal species, from microscopic nematode worms to giant squid.

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