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In other words this message with rotating ring icon are running forever.

This is so similar to ILO 3 behavior that I suspect that both Dell and HP licensed the codebase from the same source.

The main criteria of its usefulness -- reliability, and if DRAC hangs the situation is much worse that its complete absence (in this case you just buy a standalone KVM).

In case you don't have personnel on a remote site and you experience this situation with rack mounted server, or if blade sever does not reacts to the attempt reboot the DRAC from the enclosure, "frozen" DRAC is a real SNAFU.

Another bug that might be corrected in later versions of DRAC firmware is that timeout for console is not affected by setting of timeout for WEB interface (the same problem that was observed in HP ILO 3).

So long period of work with GUI console (installation of the OS is a typical example) reliably locks DRAC.

IPMI is also used extensively in the BMC, which is a remote management tool with significantly reduced functionality compared to i DRAC 7 enterprise.Recent version, such as 1.57.57 are better but still hands during regular operations, for example if you perform some operations with v Flash. also they require recent version of Lifecycle controller and BIOS to the installed too.God forbid you to update just DRAC firmware, you might completely hose the box and DRAC even after shutting server down and removing cable will remain un-operational, or operational for a minute or two, after which it hangs.I would like to stress that the gravity of this situation is that for rack or standalone server like R620 After you re-connect the power cables DRAC access is not instant.Booting DRAC is a long process that last probably a couple of minutes.

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