Matthew mcconaughey and kate hudson dating

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A teacher is walking down and drops a whole pile of papers and the papers spread all over the staircase.

A group of male teachers come by and they bend down to help.

The blond was none other than a disheveled Brad Pitt who said "Dude, don’t strike me . Nic Cage, who's one of the easiest actors to make fun of in Hollywood today, thanks to a bad hairdo and questionable movie choices, was once the most sought after player in the game.Hence, we've compiled a list of 20 such urban tales surrounding your favorite Hollywood actors. Nic Cage was almost going to be Superman for Tim Burton's Superman Lives in 1998 which never got made. bond actor bent Stompanato's arm making him drop the weapon. Some say, Bill Murray missed out on great roles because of not having an agent but it's trivia like this that makes Murray stand a hundred miles ahead of other actors in his league. Reagan once auditioned for the part of a president in a play called "The Best Man" in 1960 but the producers thought he didn't look presidential enough for the part.Actress Lana Turner who was shooting with Sean Connery when her boyfriend Johnny Stompanato barged on to the sets of the film to threaten Sean Connery with a gun. People still argue whether he was presidential enough for being the actual President of the United States, but that's another story.The whole idea (I know) isn't to make ' Citizen Kane', but to make a funny movie that fun to watch. The jokes were really old, and the characters were more boring than the story! In conclusion, if you see this movie, you obviously don't know what a good movie is.

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