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" They also seek her guidance on the practical hurdles.

Perhaps most of all, they seek to learn how to still the inner voices that have internalized messages about their unsuitability as sex partners.

A review by California psychologists Sarah Fraley, Ph D, Linda Mona, Ph D, and Peter Theodore, Ph D, points out that people who are lesbian, gay or bisexual are a "double minority," experiencing another set of stigmas in addition to those attached to disability. A study of "sexual minority" women led by Michele Eliason, Ph D, at San Francisco State University found that they reported a poorer quality of life than their nondisabled sexual-minority peers, with more PTSD and anxiety disorders, as well as more experiences of discrimination (, Vol. "The LGBT community is very ability-focused and there's not a lot of disability representation," Gurza says.

Nowadays, many people look for those connections online."The misconceptions and stigmas are numerous, and they are profound and they are hurtful," Sheypuk says.People with disabilities get the message that "because your body is so different, it's going to be hard to find someone to ‘look past those issues' and see you for who you really are." As a result, Sheypuk says, many of her clients—who are confident in other areas of their lives—have self-esteem that's "in the gutter" when it comes to sexuality and relationships.Technology has "vastly improved the lives of people with disabilities in many ways," says Sheypuk.Not only can they get counseling online (she and other therapists do sessions via Skype), but online dating helps people connect more easily than in the past.

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