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In this casting video, find out why Mohamed is leaving Tunisia to come live with Danielle and her children in Ohio.

Danielle, a 41-year-old mother of four from Ohio, thought she met the love of her life online when she began chatting with Mohamed, a young man from Tunisia.

She is now seeking to have her scheming husband deported.

Sarah says: “I thought Haithem loved me but he was just using me to pay his way into the UK.

I had no way of contacting him.” Two days later, Sarah discovered through a friend that Haithem was living with another woman.

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“As I left to come home, Haithem said he’d fallen in love with me and I told him I felt the same.She says: “The police got in touch with me to say he was fine.“It was such a relief but then they told me he was never coming home.Despite their religious and cultural differences (not to mention a 15-year age gap), Danielle and Mohamed decided to give their relationship a real shot.But almost immediately after Mohamed arrived in the States to marry Danielle, drama took over their lives and put their love to the test.

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