Sexy taboo chat online dating red flags for senior citizens

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She looked stunning, with her blonde hair, white skin, red lips and sexy black nightie she was irresistible. She said nothing, but walked over to me and straddled me on the sofa and hugged me really tightly.I asked "are you ok." She kissed me then whispered in my ear "I'm fucking horny as hell, I've been playing with myself in bed hoping you'd come back to bed." I could feel Mandy grinding her pussy against my ever stiffening cock, even though I had thin pyjama shorts on I could feel the head of my cock was between her pussy lips and trying to enter her, "have you got panties on baby." I asked.Eventually she cum followed by a scream of "oh fuck Yes," I was desperate to touch her, taste her, eat her cunt and fuck her but she had other ideas.She took her hand out of her panties and took them off, then turned them inside out and wiped up a big dollop of her cunt juices on the crotch area."Watch and learn how I love to masturbate." She got back onto the bed and shown me a large pink vibrator, it was textured to look just like a cock and was a bit bigger than mine, in her other hand she had a small gold coloured metal object.Mandy laid back down with her legs wide open and slightly bent into the M position.Mandy took my hand and almost dragged me up the stairs, she said "I've got a treat for you baby." In the bedroom she kissed me and stripped me naked, she tipped the bag of toys onto the chair and stripped herself down to her underwear."Get on the bed, sitting up with your back against the headboard" She then took two restraints and tied each of them to my wrists and the other end to the headboard.

Her tits looked great and I tried not to make it obvious that I was staring, she made no effort to cover up and I was struck dumb at how brazen she was. After another few hours sleep I got out of bed and went downstairs, I sat on the sofa and mentally gave myself a good telling off.Unclipping her bra her huge boobs fell away from her body as she leaned forward over me, teasing me with her hard nipples until she fed me and allowed me to bite lick and suck on each nipple.Mandy got off the bed and walked over to the chair, I admired her perfect arse as she took each step, she bent over teasing me once again as she opened her legs while choosing another toy.She was very flirtatious and wore skimpy clothes especially in her night wear in the evening.She would wear a t shirt or short nightie that often gave me a flash of her panties, sometimes I think she done it on purpose.

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